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Everyone loves looking at pictures of themselves. For whatever reason, we have a somewhat selfish tendency to only find interest in media that we’re included in. We may act interested in other’s pictures, but most of us secretly wish we were the stars of the show!

This constant need to be in the limelight is why this generation, the Millennials, has also been dubbed “the selfie generation.” If you explore any social media platform, you’ll find tons of people taking pictures of themselves and posting those photos for all their friends to comment on. But, not everyone has the same level of talent when it comes to going solo…

Here are 20 pictures of people who should have hired a photographer instead of attempting a selfie under the given circumstances…

1. How will your friends react when they find out you don’t actually have a boyfriend?

UnsetJelly / Reddit

2. Probably not what they were hoping for.

cdurant / Reddit


3. Strike a pose with your pet!

4. Always know your surroundings, especially if it involves a cannon.

99-LS1-SS / Reddit


5. Take a seat and snap a picture!

6. The camera isn’t interested in you, bro.

Yung_hitta / Reddit

7. Leave it up to Dad to ruin everything…

trevortf / Reddit


8. This guys needs a lesson in perspective.

vinnyty / Reddit

9. This is what true friends are for!


10. Chips: Check. Sleepy Face: Check. Boyfriend who found me: Umm…

CupcakeZombieAssassin / Imgur

11. Again with the phony picture-snapping partners?? 

12. Please selfie responsibly.

Sudz705 / Reddit

13. Did I travel back from the future to meet myself?

NaptownFellow / Reddit

14. Employee Handbook Rule 101: Don’t be a creep.

Found_my_username / Reddit

15. Excuse me ladies, I believe one of you might be stepping on a child.

16. Jeez…lock this guy up and throw away the key.

drev / Reddit

17. This is why selfies and nude beaches are a dangerous combination.

kelsobucket / Reddit

18. Wild animal + selfie = certain failure

19. That’s a very bold statement to make to the world.

Ima_Grab_Yo_Snatch / Reddit

20. You just couldn’t hold it for one more minute, could you?

iamhusband / Reddit

Looking at these pictures makes you realize that even though people like to be the center of attention, sometimes it’s better to give the spotlight to someone else.

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