All Of Your Family’s Personal Information Is Listed On This Website, But Here’s How To Remove It

We would all like to stay as safe as possible online, but nowadays that’s easier said than done. Internet hackers are always looking for new and easy targets, and even those of us that think we know all there is to know about online safety are not totally safe from becoming a victim.

Word has gotten out that one website in particular may be compromising the safety of your personal information. Family Tree Now is hosting and giving out that information for free. You’re going to want to follow the steps below to get your family’s info off of this site.

1. First, you’ll want to visit the website where your information is on display at

2. Next, you’ll find where it says  “Start Your Journey,” which is where you’ll be asked to enter your first and  last name, as well as the state where you reside or have resided in the past. 



3.  You’ll be able to locate your name on the next page, though it should be noted that there may be more than one person with the same name. 

4. Be sure to choose the option that has your correct age and information. 


5. On the bottom of the FamilyTreeNow website, you’ll find a “Privacy” button and click it.


6. Once you’re on the FamilyTreeNow privacy page, find the “Opt Out Here” link and click it. This should remove all of your personal information from their website, though there is one more step.


7. Search your name one more time. When it comes up, find the red “Opt Out Here” link and click it. This will remove your name and personal information from the website within 48 hours.

Check again after the allotted 48 hours to be sure that your information has been permanently erased.

It’s so scary that a website could host your information on their page for everyone in the world to see. I’m just glad I know how to get rid of it now.

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