Ballerinas Dancing En Pointe To Jason Derulo Looks Incredibly Painful — And Awesome

To say that ballet takes years of practice, patience, and skill to learn is an understatement. Studying even its basic movements and routines is nothing short of difficult, making this art form one of the most rewarding to master as anything else in the dance world.

So it’s truly impressive that these ballerinas at Chicago’s Multi-Cultural Dance Center have taken an already-challenging dance form to the next level by creating something totally new altogether. Combining the principles of traditional ballet with the style of hip-hop dance movements, these ballerinas have put an incredible new spin on a classic.

And the results, well, they speak for themselves…

An Instagram video posted by the dancers at Chicago’s Multi-Cultural Dance Center has since been liked almost 30,000 times and is taking the internet by storm.

The reasons people can’t stop watching it are obvious. The combination of ballet and hip-hop is simply unlike anything most people have seen before…

Have a look for yourself, and just try not to be blown away by their talent!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

This distinct style is called “hiplet,” a combination of hip-hop and ballet dance. Can you believe how long they can stay en pointe like that? Your feet will hurt just watching them!

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