Carbon steel A216 WCB 40 inch on-off pneumatic water butterfly valve, electric water valves

Carbon Steel A216 Wcb 40 Inch On-Off Pneumatic Water Butterfly Valve

Product Description


Model Pneumatic Butterfly Valve
Nominal Diameter DN40-1200/ 1.5″-48″
Temperature -29°C to +425°C(depending on pressure, medium and material)
Nominal Pressure 150LB to 600LB
Test Inspection API598EN 12266-1
Design standard API 609,ASME B16.34
Face to face API609 /DIN 3202 K1 / ISO 5752 /BS 5155 /EN 558
Drive Mode Manual, Worm Gear, Pneumatic, Electric
Connection Mode Flanged, Wafer, Lug
Structure Forms Single eccentric, Line Type, Double Eccentric, Triple Eccentric
Seal Structure Soft Seal, Hard Seal
Flange Connecting Dimensions GB/T9113, JB/T79-94, ADME B16.5
Body Material HT200, QT450, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, etc
Seat material NBR, CR, PTFE, EPDM, Viton, etc
Disc material QT450, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, Monel, Hastelloyc, etc
Suitable medium Water, Air, Steam, Oil, Acid, Alkail, etc
Certificate API6D, API600, ISO 9001, CE-TUV, TS, CE, ISO 14001, 3A credit rating certificate, etc.
Electric Actuator Available
Application Petroleum, Natural Gas, Chemical, Sea, Power, Water-treatment, Pharmacy, Paper-making,etc.
1.Simple and compact construction,quick 90 degrees on-off operation. Minimized operating torque,energy saving.
2.Bubbles -tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test.
3.The connection of driven part conforms to ISO5211.
4.Wide selection of materials,applicable for various medium.
5.The valve body and disc are accurately machined which results in low operating torque and long service life and high reliability.
6.Can be disassembled,material-specific recycling possible.


Product Details


Design Feature

1.Super long usage life. Seal surface hardening treatment and prolong the service life of the valve, reduce the frequency of maintenance

2.Fire safe design. Multilayer sheet metal clip ptfe or graphite layer, and can not only achieve elastic tight seal, and can ensure that fire performance

3.Anti blow-out  stem design. It has a taper on sealing surface, it can be replaced packing when the valve is open.

4.Optional stellite seat.



Operation Mode Manual, Pneumatic, Motor
Size 1/2”~ 48”
Class 150LB~600LB
Connection Flange , Weld ,Wafer
Materials WCB, Cast Iron, CF8, CF8M,CF3 etc
Standard ANSI, GB, BS, JIS, DIN





Valve Using Scene

Carbon Steel A216 Wcb 40 Inch On-Off Pneumatic Water Butterfly Valve


Traceability Management



Savevalve will do track management of each product and part; manage the raw material, semi-finished products and finished products with  fixed point and divided sections;  we keep the whole files of products’ quality to make it convenient for customers to get the effective information timely when fixing or changing parts of the facilities. It realizes the traceability of the  products and key parts, bringing  great convenience and benefits for not only customers, but also ourselves.

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