Genius Man Turns His Crummy Mitsubishi Eclipse Into The Luxury Car Of Your Dreams

Luxury cars are true works of art. Not only do they move incredibly fast, but they look pretty flashy doing it! Unfortunately, for most of us, owning one will never be more than a fantasy: these cars can cost millions of dollars and require even more money for regular maintenance.

But one aspiring car owner wasn’t willing to let his budget (or lack thereof) get in the way of his dreams. Just wait until you see what he did…

One daily driver could only afford a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. But he dreamed of something more…

So he got to work! The transformation would be tough, but as a jeweler, he had a fine eye for detail. Besides, he already owned most of the tools he would need for welding parts together.

His plan was to turn this reasonably priced car into a true luxury vehicle: a Lamborghini Reventón.

It would take him two years to complete the project. His original car cost $6,000, while real Lamborghinis can be worth more than $2 million!



Once he had completed the metal work, it was time for the filler and sanding to smooth out the body.

Of course, it’s not a Lambo without the iconic swinging doors.


With the major body work done, it was time to take his machine on the road to see how it handled.

Now for the paint job! The results were dazzling.

The finished product may have been remarkable, but would it fool a group of real gear heads?

He began taking his project to car shows and people flocked to see his work in droves.

Unless you really knew what to look for, there was no way you’d know this car wasn’t the real deal.

Can’t wait to see what he builds next!

Can you believe what’s possible with a little bit of elbow grease and imagination? It looks like the real deal! Next time he should transform a mini-van into a Bugatti Veyron!

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