huShe Can Transform Into Any Disney Princess, But When The Makeup Comes Off People Are Speechless

Disney princesses are some of the most iconic figures in modern pop culture. Every little girl remembers her favorite childhood character from these movies. Whether it was Jasmine from Aladdin or Ariel from The Little Mermaid, everyone wished to embody the personality, story, and physical features of one or all of these magical characters.

For most of us, becoming a Disney princess is just fantasy, but for others, it can be real! One makeup artist has gained recognition for the stunning makeup transformations she stages, but that’s not the only reason the world can’t get enough of this Internet sensation.

Watch the truth behind the unbelievable makeup artist, and get ready to be completely shocked when you find out who’s really behind it all.

At just 21 years old, this makeup artist is taking the Internet over with her unique ability to truly transform herself. She is an expert at applying makeup and turns herself into real-life versions of all your favorite Disney princesses.

For each of the princesses, this makeup artist utilizes unique, intricate techniques that allow her to recreate the way they looked in the films. This includes several factors, including nailing the makeup, the costumes, and even replicating their hairdos!

She begins the process of applying the makeup by taking inspiration from all of the Disney classics. That means she spends a great deal of time rematching the films. Some of her favorites include Snow White and other classics, like the titular character from Cinderella.

It is truly miraculous that she is able to create such an uncanny resemblance just with the simple use of makeup. Not only is it impressive how she transforms, but a lot of people would actually be shocked to find out who she actually is…

Despite what you may think, the woman who applies the makeup in such an incredible fashion isn’t a woman at all. In fact, the person who transforms so drastically into all of these characters for all to see… is actually a man!


The talented designer behind these Disney princesses is actually Richard Schaefer, a freelance makeup artist from Orange County, California. Like many people around the world, he’s been Disney-obsessed since childhood.

It’s easy to see that Richard has taken that love for Disney films and turned into a hobby that could potentially land him a job in the makeup industry. It is clear that he has enough talent to transform himself and would likely be able to do the same for others.

Though his makeup transformations may seem like an interesting hobby, the reality behind why he began pursuing them is much more meaningful. Four years ago, he started to transform himself into famous Disney characters for a very inspiring reason…

Growing up, people in school teased and bullied Richard for having feminine features. So, rather than letting it get him down, he decided to take control of those negative comments and use them for something positive instead.  


Most impressive of all is that in addition to applying the beautiful makeup, Richard makes the outfits for his princesses, as well. Teaching himself how to sew and make clothes on his own also served as a constructive distraction from the bullying.


It’s truly so impressive that he is able to create all of the costumes from these films just from re-watching them and looking at photographs of the characters’ outfits. Most people dedicate years of schooling to learning that sort of talent!


Dressing up isn’t just a hobby that Richard excels at, either. There is another reason behind his transformations: Richard has said that he feels like he becomes a more confident person by dressing up as these Disney princesses.

The transformations are absolutely stunning. Richard has managed to gain a favorable following on different forms of social media because of his abilities and his message of individuality. His followers remind him that he’s an inspiration to them.


No matter what others think of his talents, you have to admit that you can see his confidence and passion in every photo when he assumes the identity of these characters. That is inspiring in itself and it’s clear for others to see!

With a huge following of admirers from around the world, this talented artist is capturing the hearts of thousands… just like the Disney princesses he portrays.

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