Industrial robot for polishing with CE certificate

Product Description

New polishing robot, also called as Robotic polishing, designed by TONEY will have flexible polishing force compensation of polishing machine and robots, sensors, controllers intelligent manufacturing systems. Conducting complex surface of the workpIece during the polishing process than conventional mechanical polishing and hand polished to better ensure.

1. Consistency: polishing tedious repetitive work, the robot can be continuous and stable operation.

2. to improve the quality: the robot continuous operation without fatigue, is very suitable for the job needs.
3. employee safety: having a job-related security risks, the robot reduces the security risk of the plant.

4. environmentally friendly: polishing job site dust extremely harsh environment, the robot can be safe to work in smoke and dust environment.

5. reduce waste: automated robotic polishing system can easily provide the need to ensure a uniform product, honed thorough consistency and accuracy.

6.reduce cycle time: polishing robot can be programmed to apply the right amount of pressure, but moving in the right direction, leading to faster, more efficient performance than manual application.

 Industrial Polishing Robot Advantages:


1. Robotic polishing is the process of refining surfaces until they are smooth and shiny. This application is repetitive and tedious while requiring extreme consistency.

2. Polishing robots are programmed to apply just the right amount of pressure and move precisely in the right direction, for a consistent, thorough, high-quality product. These robots also improve production time while reducing waste.

3. Robots save workers from both the drudgery and safety hazards associated with polishing. Polishing robots are unharmed by fumes and dust. Plus, robotic polishing is better for the environment because dry abrasive wheels are used instead of chemical solutions.

4. Polishing robots are fully capable of saving time and money while increasing quality.

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