sea salt packaging machine

   sea salt packing machine



sea salt packaging machine

Function Description:

1.Chinese and English language touch screen display, easy to operate.

2.PLC computer control system, working is stable, adjust parameters without stopping the machine.

3.It can save ten parameters, simple to change goods.

4.Adopted to servo system machine drawing film, position accurately.

5.Temperature control system independently, accuracy is within ±1°C



Suit for the quantitative weighingof Popcorn, dry pasta, Meatball, Macaroni, hamburgers, oats, washing powder, puffed food, French Fries, biscuit, rice crust, jelly, candy, pistachio nut, apple flake, dumpling, rice dumpling, chocolate, hardware and medicine such particle, platy, strip and irregular shape.


1.Host Machine 

sea salt packaging machine


Technical Specifications:



Bag size L (80-300) ×W (50-200) mm
Packing speed 5-60 bags/min
Measuring range 150-1200 ml
Max width of film roll ≤420 mm
Air consumption 0.65 mpa
Gas consumption 0.3 m3/min
Power requirement 220 V, 50 HZ, 2.2 KW
Machine size L 1320 * W 950 * H 1360 mm
Machine weight 540KG





QTY: 5 cups

Counting theory:volumetric meter according to density of material



3.Material elevator


sea salt packaging machine


Volume: 100L


Dimension:3000mm height

Speed :adjustable



4.Finished product conveyor


sea salt packaging machine


Delivery speed: 50m/min

Overall dimensions: 2110 * 400 * 600mm

Voltage: 220V/50W

Structure:carbon steel



5.Bag Styles:








sea salt packaging machinesea salt packaging machine


sea salt packaging machine





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