The Czech Republic Just Unveiled The World’s Largest Air Cannon… Now Watch Them Fire It!

The technical aspects of science are usually what make most people feel intimidated. While it can be a little overwhelming to try to understand highly complex scientific principles, sometimes just seeing them in action can make all the difference…and be tons of fun in the process!

Take the work Laborky CZ does, for example. This organization located in the Czech Republic is dedicated to educating people about science with engaging and often downright awesome experiments and projects.

One of their latest endeavors actually resulted in the world’s largest air cannon! Believe it or not, this huge piece of equipment accomplishes the rare feat of educating you while simultaneously blowing your mind!

Laborky CZ is an organization in the Czech Republic dedicated to providing hands-on experience with science and technology, and they recently built the world’s largest air cannon!

The cannon is launched by filling the barrel with smoke (so they can see the shot’s trajectory), then pulling back the elastic pouch at the back and releasing it.

At the other side of their warehouse, they set up walls of cardboard boxes to see just how far each individual blast of air can travel!

The ring of smoke fires from the cannon barrel…

…and then travels all the way across the huge space to topple the wall of cardboard! Pretty nifty, right?

That’s pretty awesome! To learn more about how Laborky CZ built the giant air cannon, check out this informative video!

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