These 10 Vehicles Are The Most Astonishingly Awesome Behemoths Ever Created

There is seemingly no end to the machines that man can produce. From the dryer to the Apache helicopter, it’s truly incredible what human beings have been able to create.

Still, there are some inventions that stand a bit taller than the rest… literally! These 10 unusual and breathtaking vehicles are some of the most incredible ones in existence. Just take a look!

1. Big Wind

This amazing contraption is what happens when jet engines are attached to a Soviet-era tank. It’s named “Big Wind,” and it was made in Hungary to put out fires.


2. The Trojan AVRE

This tank/plow is used to comb fields for mines and move them out of the way.

3. Monster Motorbike From Hell

This freakish motorcycle was built by Australian Ray Baumann. It runs on a truck engine, measures 9 meters in length, and 3 meters in height!

4. LeTourneau L-2350

This monstrous bulldozer holds the world record for biggest earth mover. It costs $1.5 million and has an operating weight of 258 tons.

Looking more like a building than a machine, this bad boy is used to move “overburden” (the stuff lying on top of coal) out of the way of the precious material. It’s 502 meters long and 80 meters high.


6. Big Bud 747

Big Bud is billed as the biggest farm tractor in the world. It was built in 1977 for about $300,000. It now sits in a museum after the tire manufacturer went out of business and its owners decided it was time to retire it.


7. 4 Hughes H-Hercules

Also known as “Spruce Goose,” this massive airplane is the largest flying boat ever built. It was supposed to be used during WWII for transatlantic shipping, but it wasn’t finished in time.

8. MAZ-7907


This enormous missile carrier was developed in the ’80s by the Soviet Union. It was capable of carrying 104.5 tons.

9. Mil V-12

10. MTU-72

This massive tank was used for bridge-laying, meaning it launched assault bridges for other tanks. Its bridge could hold up to 50 tons.

These are the sort of machines that make me feel like a little kid getting psyched about a toy tractor… and I am totally okay with that.

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