These Are The Most INSANE Things Ever Built. I Had No Idea They Even Existed Until Now!

History has proven that human beings are capable of accomplishing amazing feats. From medical marvels to the construction of wonders like the Eiffel tower, we’ve done some pretty incredible things. And if you want to feel really proud of your species, look no further than these photos.

These super-structures are so epic in scope that they’re almost kind of ridiculous. And when you realize just how big they are, you’ll gasp.

1. China’s Spring Temple Buddha stands over 420 feet tall. Artists had to rebuild the hill it sits on because of its massive size.

You have to get really close to appreciate the epic scale of this icon.



2. Though it was built in 1586, at over 2,200 pounds, the Tsar cannon is still one of the largest cannons ever used in battle.

3. The Jiaozhou bridge is over 26 miles long and took 4 years to complete.

4. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest man-made structure in the world. It stands at 2,722 feet.

5. The Bullwinkle Oil Platform is over 1,300 feet long. It was built and shipped to the Gulf of Mexico in sections.



6. The Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico is over 1,000 feet in diameter and was built to detect potentially alien signals in deep space.

7. The CAT 797B weighs over a million pounds and has 4,000 horse power, perfect for the biggest mining jobs.


8. But if you think THAT’S massive check out the 3,900 foot-wide Mirny Diamond mine. The CAT looks like a speck of dust in comparison.

9. At the Boeing Everett Factory where air planes are made, each sliding door is the size of a football field.

10. The Blue Marlin carrier vessel can haul up to 75,000 tons.

11. The manmade Palm Island in Dubai took 3 billion cubic feet of sand to construct.

12. The CERN Large Hadron Collider is 17 miles long.



13. Bagger 288 is the largest land vehicle on earth. It weighs 45,000 tons and was designed to assist in mining coal in Germany. 

14. Airbus Beluga’s exact internal dimensions are an industry secret, but since it was built to transport other planes, we can assume it’s pretty darn big.

I feel dizzy just looking at some of these things. Amazing!

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