This 3D-Printed Woman’s Face Is So Realistic It’s Scary

Many of life’s greatest conundrums are simply a matter of perspective. We’re not just talking about hypothetical questions like “is the glass half-empty or half-full,” but the literal ways in which we look at things.

For example, if we take a peek at a molecule under a microscope, we may not realize what kind of larger object it’s a part of. And if we look at an aerial photograph of a forest, we won’t likely see all the animals hiding within it.

With that in mind, take a look at this woman. At first, she appears to be a beautiful model… but something else is happening here that we won’t notice until we step back!

Initially, you might not think that there’s anything special about this woman.

Sure, she’s beautiful, but what’s her story?


Well, just wait until the camera pans out!

The fact that such a lifelike and breathtaking bust was created with a 3-D silicone printer is nothing short of incredible, especially when you consider that it cost roughly $10,600 and two months to make!

This bust just goes to show how far technology has come. Printing in 3-D may be a time-consuming, costly process, but the sky seems to be the limit in terms of the kinds of things it allows you to create!

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