Those Weird Black Dots On Your Windshield Actually Serve A Pretty Interesting Purpose

The majority of your car’s parts—the ones you can see easily anyway—have obvious reasons to be there. Not many people are really confused about the placement of a steering wheel, seat belt, or cupholder, for instance. Engineers have been careful to place everything in the right spot, for a specific reason.

One of the more mysterious things in your car, though, is right there front and center: those black dots on your windshield. What could those be? We’ve all seen them on almost every vehicle, but somehow never learned why they’re there.

Well, wonder no more! You might just be surprised that the answer is so obvious!

It’s impossible to have driven a car and not have noticed these black dots lining the edge of the windshield. The question many of us may have found ourselves wondering at one time or another is: what the heck are they?


The black band that the dots emanate from is called the frit. It’s baked-in ceramic paint, and it serves a few main purposes. First, it stops ultraviolet rays from deteriorating the urethane sealant on the windshield, which keeps it in place. Likewise, the frit covers up the glue on the edge of the windshield and car. So, what about the dots? 


They’re actually mostly for aesthetics! The dots are there to form a nice gradient between the black frit band and the rest of the windshield.


The ones above the rearview mirror, though, actually serve an additional purpose…

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