Wholesale flow meter for steam and gas and oil with venturi device

Wholesale flow meter for steam and gas and oil with venturi device

     *Sensor unit and electronic unit with MTC Temperature Compensation Technology (see Note)

* Static pressure compensation technology to ensure the flow measurement precision.

* Unique integrative pressure and differential sensor design (patent applied).

* External installed high precision temperature sensor to ensure the calculation precision.

     * Standby battery design, with automatic switching function to ensure stable measurement of instrument and trade security.

* Field configuration or remote configuration of internal critical parameters, for the convenience of maintenance.

     * Instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, differential pressure, temperature, pressure parameters, etc.

* Unique anti-interference design, applicable for radio frequency, electromagnetism and frequency converter sites.

* 4-20mA standard signal and always online RS-485 communication output simultaneously.

     * EXdIICT6 Explosive-proof Certification

Note: MTC: Multiple temperature compensation, detailed temperature characteristics modification and operation compensation for primary sensor and electronic device conducted by multiple temperature sensors, so that the temperature characteristics can be greatly improved.

                Application 1

                    Gas with coal filed!

                             Application 2

                                       Nature gas field!

                         Application 3

                                 Petrolleum field!

                             Application 4

                  Almost all the industrial flow measurement!

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